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The Week That Was

The Week That Was 13th January 2017

Bishop Peter along with Father Brendan and Deacon Michael O’Leary celebrated Mass on Thursday, to mark the schools 40th year on this site. The children were amazing. This was the first time the Bishop served Mass at the school and he was very impressed. Thank you to parents and other family members who were able to attend.

I am pleased to announce that we now have two parent representatives on our School Committee that provides the critical eye to ensure the school is operating effectively.

They are, Donna Redmond and Leah Gulliver  and if you haver any concerns or would like something raised these are the two people who will represent you at governor level.

There is still a lot of chocolate and crisps in school lunches. We are starting to monitor what the children are eating for lunch however, please note like I said last week, we aren't saying don’t eat these items, just not for lunch.


Have a good weekend.

Mr Wilson