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The Week That Was 24th February 2017

We are near the start of Lent. I have been very disappointed at the amount of food waste especially last Monday. I have spoken with the children about the importance of respecting what we have and not wasting things especially food.

Can I urge that if you make your child eat vegetables at home that you remind them to eat them in school. Secondly, we would like to read your child’s mind but clearly we can’t. Sometimes children are complaining that they simply don’t like the meal. If you could order with your child this would avoid this situation. The default option is always a jacket potato. No more waste is my motto.  Due to Lent, can you check what your child has ordered for Wednesday next week because there has been a change on the menu.

Ash Wednesday is the 1st March that marks the start of Lent.  Deacon Michael O'Leary will carry out a service at 10.30am. The children can make promises to sacrifice something or to do more of something such as not wasting food. Lent is a time of reflection, strength and to think of others.


During the week we have had some class Masses in KS2 and prayers services in Year R-3. The Priest’s and Deacon have been amazed at how well the children have behaved and participated.



We raised £166.10 for CAFOD from the mufti day last half term. Thank you for your donations.


Have a good weekend.

Mr Wilson


BEST CLASS: Year  R  97.7%   .