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New News Story

The Week That Was 21st April 2017

Welcome back and Happy Easter. This is the time for renewal and new life. I have asked the children to think of a super power that they  would like, in order to do good in the world.


Laura from Year 2 said she would love to be able to spread love, Miss Brown wants to spread forgiveness and Nigel in Year 6 wants to be able to multiply his body so he can go out and help as many people in need.


We are close to the KS2 SATs so please keep thoughts and prayers for our Year 6 pupils.


Finally, I am noticing a lot of trainers being worn. We are a uniform school so please can you ensure your child is wearing school shoes. If there is a reason your child needs a note from you. I explained to the children that the clothes I wear to work are not my weekend wear.


We raised £154 for the world Wild Life Fund from mufti last term. Thank you for your £1 donations.

CaFod Fish -  News from Mrs Merriman

Thank you so much for sending in coins to support our fish farms in Zambia project!

It is certainly true that a little change can go a long way!!

Mrs Merriman can assure you  of that after counting a LOT of small change and carrying it to the bank with a wheeled case!

We raised £149:80 which is enough to stock 7 ponds and give a living to 7 villages !!!



Have a good weekend.

Mr Wilson


BEST CLASS: Year  6    100%   .