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The Week That Was 13.10.17

This Week, in school, we are celebrating Education. Teaching and Learning takes place in many different ways and in a variety of settings. We are given an opportunity this week to begin a new to foster, build, improve and enhance relationships between parish, school and home.  As part of the celebrations, the choir shall be attending 9:30am Mass at St Patrick’s Catholic Church in Duston. We warmly welcome you all to join us at this service to celebrate Catholic Schools across the Diocese.

We have all been chosen by God.. God created each and every one of us. He knew who we were going to be even before we were born. God calls each one of us by our name. God calls us each day to follow him and in doing so be the best person that we can be. God calls us to live a life of love.

You can help at home to : Talk with your child/ren about their name. Why it was chosen? Are they named after someone? Why were they named after that person?  Alternatively, dig out some photographs of your child’s baptism and share these together.

Have a wonderful weekend


God Bless

Mrs Carmel Dodds

Head Teacher