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The Week That Was 14th October 2016

Diocese Education Week

This has been the Diocese Education Week and we had a fantastic Mass on Thursday evening to celebrate our Academy.  The Choir sang and thank you to the families that were in attendance as well as bringing your child(ren) to sing. Today Year 6 represented our school at the annual Catholic Schools Mass in Dunstable. Bishop Peter served Mass and in attendance was all of the 11 Catholic Schools in our Diocese.

This Sunday I will be speaking at St Patricks in Duston at 9.30am Mass and some of our choir will be singing after Communion.

We move into the last week and on Friday it is mufti day (£1) and the money is going towards operation Christmas Child. If your child or family are filling a shoe box, they are due on November 4th  so they can get to their destinations before December 25th.

Have a good weekend.

Mr Wilson