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Additional Information



Parents should be aware that there is no universal personal accident insurance for pupils. The County Council does have a general liability policy that deals with the consequences of actions brought against the school on behalf of the pupils.   Day trips and overnight stays are insured by the County Council.


Parents are, of course, at liberty to take out insurance on an individual basis should they want additional cover for their children.



Data Protection Policy


We want parents to have confidence in how their personal information is handled by the school and we are fully committed to compliance with the Data Protection Act.  Our Data Protection Charter sets out the standards of service you can expect in the way that we handle personal information.


Access to Records


The local authority operates the policy of schools keeping pupils profiles and records.   These will be added to and reviewed annually and will also be passed to the child's next school.   The record will contain the following information:

1. Name, address, date of birth and doctor.

2. Information concerning the child's personal circumstances.

3. Report and records of the pupil's achievements.


It is the LA's policy to provide open access to such records.   Parents may, therefore, request to see their child's records by appointment with the Head Teacher.   If you would like copies of the documents you should make a request to the Head Teacher in writing. Please be aware that the school may make a charge for the cost of providing them.  Records are confidential to all except those who have rightful access to them.


The school’s Publication Scheme under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 details the information we publish which we make public and explains how this can be obtained. Some information that we hold may not be made public, for example personal information.



Charging Policy


It is our belief that the pupils should have the opportunity to explore environments outside their immediate locality and experience activities, which should enrich their total educational experience at school.   The school cannot demand a financial payment for any visit or activity taking place during school hours in term time but often voluntary contributions are invited in accordance with the Education Act 1996.   No pupil can be excluded from any visit or activity on the grounds of being unable to make such a contribution.   However, if the level of voluntary contributions is insufficient to meet the cost, the planned visit or activity may have to be cancelled and voluntary contributions returned.



Complaints Procedure


We believe that our school provides a good education for all our children, and that the Head Teacher and other staff work very hard to build positive relationships with all parents.  However, the school is obliged to have procedures in place in case there are complaints by parents.


Parents who are unhappy with the education that their child is receiving, or have any concern relating to the school, are requested to talk to their child’s Class Teacher in the first instance.  If the matter is not resolved to their satisfaction the complaint can then be considered first by the Deputy Head, next the Head Teacher and finally the Governing Body.


All parents have the right to complain about internal school matters to the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) under The Apprenticeships, Schools, Children and Learning Act 2009 if they feel their complaint has not been dealt with in a satisfactory way.


Our school aims to be fair, open and honest when dealing with any complaint. We give careful consideration to all complaints and deal with them as swiftly as possible.   We aim to resolve any complaint through dialogue and mutual understanding and, in all cases, we put the interests of the child above all other issues.   We provide sufficient opportunity for any complaint to be fully discussed, and then resolved.