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Inclusion & Community Cohesion

"St. Mary’s is an inclusive community which celebrates each individual.

There is a true sense of community and relationships are excellent."

Diocesan Inspection 2012 




At St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School we are committed to providing a fully accessible environment and curriculum which values and includes all children and enables them to achieve their very best regardless of their education, physical, sensory, social, spiritual, emotional and cultural needs.  We aim to remove all barriers to ensure that every child can enjoy and fully participate in all aspects of school life and benefit from the full breadth and richness of the opportunities we provide.  We are further committed to developing a culture of awareness, tolerance and inclusion within our school.


We encourage all pupils to build up their own self-esteem and respect for other persons regardless of differences in race, gender, religion or social and economic background.  We seek to foster amongst pupils a pride in their own culture and in other cultures which they will encounter in the community and the outside world.

The school’s Accessibility Plan identifies the on-going actions to increase access to education for disabled pupils by increasing the extent to which disabled pupils and parents can participate in the school curriculum, improving the environment of the school to increase the extent to which disabled pupils and parents can take advantage of education and associated services and improving the delivery of information to people with disabilities.


“There is no discrimination within the school and

there is a strong focus on ensuring equality of opportunity.”

 Ofsted Inspection 2013


Special Educational Needs


Whatever the ability of each pupil, the school seeks to provide a suitable teaching programme. As far as possible, all our children with Special Educational Needs are totally integrated within the school.


Each teacher has the responsibility of providing a differentiated curriculum for the whole ability range, through the effective match of learning tasks to pupils differing abilities.  Progress is carefully monitored by the Class Teacher. If a child is thought to require planning and monitoring beyond this level, an individual education plan will be drawn up in consultation with the Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO).  Such programmes are designed to overcome specific learning needs or behaviour problems and are regularly monitored and reviewed. In all cases parents are informed and regular discussion with them is encouraged.


Nationally, one fifth of all children may need special educational support at some point in their school career. Children with learning, social, emotional or behavioural problems are sympathetically helped by the staff in partnership with parents.  In certain cases it may be felt that outside professional help is needed, which would be sought only with parents’ prior permission and co-operation.


A separate Special Needs Policy is available from the school.  The Governor who is responsible for SEN monitors the school policy and its implementation.



More Able Pupils


St. Mary’s recognises and supports the needs of children identified as "More Able".  The Department for Education’s classification is “more able pupils are those pupils who achieve or have the ability to achieve at a level significantly in advance of their year group within their school.”



English as an Additional Language


The School endeavours to support the needs of children who do not possess English as their primary language.



Community Cohesion

 “Community cohesion is good.”

Diocesan Inspection 2012


Community cohesion lies at the heart of what makes a strong and safe community. At St. Mary’s we recognise and celebrate the diversity within our school community and welcome the contributions which different groups and individuals make to it. The health, well-being and cohesion of our wider school community are also important to us.


We promote community cohesion through teaching, learning and the curriculum so that the children understand others and value diversity.  We also aim to promote shared values and an awareness of human rights and develop the skills of participation and responsible action. In addition we try to offer opportunities for our pupils and their friends and families to interact with people from different backgrounds and build positive relations.  This includes developing links with different schools and communities, the provision of extended services and opportunities to take part in activities which build positive interaction and achievement for all groups.


St. Mary’s works with a number of external agencies to support our children’s learning, social and emotional needs.



"Pupils eligible for pupil premium funding, disabled people

and those who have special educational needs

are particularly well supported and make good progress.”

Ofsted Inspection 2013


Click below to download a copy of the Special Educational Needs Policy.