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Safeguarding  & Pastoral Care

“Pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is good because of the way this is promoted and developed in lessons and in activities and visits beyond the school.”

Ofsted Inspection 2013




St. Mary's Catholic Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all its pupils and recognises that this responsibility rests with all school staff, governors and volunteers.  The Head Teacher is the Designated teacher for Child Protection and other staff members have also been trained in this role.


Child safety is our priority.  A copy of 'Keeping Children Safe in Education' is attached below.  In the event of any Child Protection Concerns, these can be reported to any of our Designated Safeguarding Leaders; Mr Mark Wilson, Mrs Joanne Cadd, or Miss Danielle Glenn.


Pastoral Care


“Pupils are aware of who they can speak to for care and support

if and when it is needed.”

Diocesan Inspection 2012


We aim to provide a caring environment to assist the total development of our pupils. This requires a close and open partnership between home and school.  On occasions it may be necessary for teachers to discuss their concerns with a child's parents and conversely it would be helpful if parents informed the school of events at home which may be causing anxiety or may alter the pupil's behaviour in school.  Bereavement­, a new baby or a family upset can cause your child to behave differently just as a falling out with a friend or a worry about schoolwork can cause problems at home. Home-school communication and partnership is essential.


The school runs a pastoral programme entitled “Rainbows for all God’s Children” which targets pastoral support to children who are experiencing loss through bereavement, separation or divorce.



Health and Safety


All children are encouraged to act with their personal safety and that of others in mind. The school has a detailed Health and Safety Policy which is available from the school office.


The Governing Body also produces an Annual Healthy and Safety Report which outlines the ways in which the school meets its responsibilities in this area.





The school takes the subject of security very seriously and access points to the school are kept locked during the school day. Access to the school grounds by visitors is gained by ringing the buzzer at the main gates and to the school building by the buzzer on the door. In the case of an emergency, all doors can be quickly opened from the inside.


Parents and children entering the school grounds are asked to do so through the pedestrian gate and to keep to the designated paths.





At St. Mary's we are committed to the use of computer technologies and recognise the Internet as a valuable tool for learners of all ages.  All pupils use computer facilities, including the internet, as an essential part of the curriculum and to support learning opportunities within the school.  There are well-publicised concerns regarding access to material on the internet that would be unsuitable for children.  We recognise our duty of care to protect our pupils and take all reasonable steps to minimise pupils' accesss to such material.




The parking of cars is an issue of safety for which we ask your help. Vehicles are not allowed through the school gates unless on official business and the access must be kept clear at all times. We do urge you to park with consideration for others and especially with the safety of the children in mind. Do not park across or in the entrance to the school gates, on the zig-zag lines or anywhere that might cause obstruction to pedestrians or the residents who live near the school.



Accidents in School


Incidents requiring minimal first aid will be dealt with at school and a letter informing the parents of this will be sent home. In the event of an injury requiring further treatment the school will endeavour to contact the parents via their home and emergency contact numbers. Please ensure these are always up to date. In the case of an incident involving a head injury the school will again contact the parent via telephone or letter.


We endeavour to inform parents about all mishaps at school but can only do so with the children's co-operation in reporting them.





The Children and Families Act 2014 places a duty on the school to make arrangements for supporting pupils with medical conditions.  If you have any concerns regarding your child's health, please speak in confidence to the Family Support Worker.



At St. Mary's we endeavour to ensure that pupils with medical needs receive proper care and support and will accept responsibility in principle for members of the school staff giving or supervising pupils taking medication during the school day.  Medication (either prescribed or over the counter medicine) will not be accepted in school without complete written and signed instructions from parent/carer.  A copy of the school's policy in relation to the administration of medication can be obtained from the school office.


All asthma inhalers must be clearly labelled with the child’s name and any instructions. An additional inhaler should be kept in the school in case it ever runs out. Children must be taught to use the inhaler effectively and safely.





The wearing of jewellery such as bracelets, rings, pendants etc., can present a hazard in school and consequently is prohibited. In the case of earrings, only studs are acceptable and these must be removed during P.E. lessons including swimming.



Head Lice


Long hair should be tied back at all times during the school day. The risk of infestation is always a possibility at school and such precautions can minimise the spread of headlice. Parents must be responsible for regularly checking their child's hair for headlice. Further information is available from the school nurse. The school will inform parents of the latest advice in the event of a breakout within a class but all parents must accept full responsibility for the regular checking and prompt treatment of headlice.



Medical and Dental Inspection


Each pupil has at least one full medical inspection by the school doctor during his/her primary school education. Regular dental, sight and hearing tests are also undertaken. Any parents with concerns regarding their child's health should contact the school nurse via the school secretary.


Parents will be notified in advance of any visit by the dentist, school doctor or nurse.



Click on the links below to view the school's Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy and e-Safety Policy.