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School Council

The School Council at St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School meets regularly to discuss how to improve our school.

This year's Council members are: Malakai Chard, Kiera Filsell, Julia Cisak, Tommy Laflin, Finley McDonnell, Mya Nnanwubar, Louise Paige, Harvey Parcell, Macey Parcell, Cian Rideout, Killian Fitzgerald and Iyanu Sarah Kuku. 

Miss Rowles, Year 2 class teacher and PSHE Subject Leader, helps us to carry out our role:

  • We are leaders.
  • We help to ensure the pupil voice is heard.
  • We listen to what all of the children at school think.
  • We make decisions for the school.

So far this year we have:

  • Chosen the charities that our school will support during the year.
  • Chosen fundraising projects for each class in support of CAFOD's Lenten Appeal.
  • Held a 'What makes a good learner' competition where we produced a whole school code.
  • We are currently working on a whole school Eco project to reduce our carbon footprint.