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School Discipline

“Pupils' behaviour around school and in lessons is good. They are friendly, welcoming and keen to share their experiences and achievements.”

Osfted Inspection 2013



School Discipline


At St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School we seek to be a happy and well-disciplined community. We have clear expectations of our pupils and we aim to create an environment in which learning can take place. We encourage our pupils to develop a sense of self-discipline and an acceptance of responsibility for their own actions, to show tolerance and respect for others and to respect their own and other people’s property. School discipline is maintained in a firm but friendly atmosphere of mutual respect within a Christian environment.


We expect a high standard of behaviour and strive to encourage this through positive strategies. Parents will always be consulted should problems arise, and are encouraged to approach the class teacher with any concerns. We believe that positive discipline grows from a partnership between school and home, working together for the benefit of the children in our care.


You will be asked to sign a Behaviour Agreement which sets out the school’s expectations with regard to behaviour.



Behaviour Policy


Our school behaviour policy is designed to promote the way in which all members of the school can live and work together in a supportive way. It aims to promote an environment where everyone feels happy, safe and secure. All school staff encourage good behaviour by:

  • modelling courtesy when speaking to adults and children alike
  • recognising and encouraging positive achievement, behaviour and success
  • maintaining an orderly and successful atmosphere within the school.


Click below to download a copy of the Behaviour & Discipline Policy and the Behaviour Agreement.